New JavaScript framework – Batman.js

While searching for a JavaScript solution, I bumped across Batman.js. I tried the example below and just loved it:

After going through some documentation, here is what I found:

  1. Extremely  light-weight
  2. Less and clean codes
  3. Very flexible in how you want to use it (server side v/s. front end)
  4. Works with Jquery library
  5. A lot less painful as it uses convention over configuration
I would personally love to use it for  my own project.  A word of caution – This is a relatively new framework. So if you are looking for a rock solid thing, this might not be the right time. However, if you want to experiment and be a little more adventurous, just go for it…you are going to love it!

5 reasons to switch to Linux from Windows

A couple months back, I switched to Linux using the Ubuntu Windows Installer. First few days, I was on and off, not really getting along with the Linux GUI which seemed a bit raw to me. My webcam did not work for the first couple of days, which I finally fixed with the help of Ubuntu documentation. The display drivers, sound drivers and even my broadband connection worked almost instantly.

And that’s it. I have never looked back to windows. Here are a few great things I discovered while using Linux:

Amazing apps

Linux ‘Ubuntu software center’ has thousands of amazing free apps, Just the way we use IPhone apps.

Very stable

I never had problems like the way we have in windows – the system never crashed even if a software is not responsive.

Great user experience

I installed the KDE Plasma Desktop and it has such a great user experience, very much in the lines of a Mac. The smooth graphics and fonts rendering are the stuff you get addicted to very quickly.

Peace of mind

Finally NO virus/trojans to deal with, NO anti-virus software to download, what a peace!

Everything you need – out-of-the-box

Kbuntu desktop has everything you need to be productive. The LibreOffice suite is exceptional for your documents, spreadsheets and presentation needs, GIMP editor is a powerful graphics editor and Banshi Music player to satisfy your ear buds.

Ubuntu Linux has just wowed me with its awesome power and usability. I have pushed back my plans to switch to Mac…Linux has provided me all I needed.

….goodbye windows, the Linux decade has begun….