How do you know when an Idea is a ‘great’ idea

Everyday, we are surrounded by ideas. Ideas that emerge within our brains or ideas shared by other people, there is simply no dearth of ideas. The art is to find out the idea which does the trick and can make a huge difference. Of course, I am not discounting the execution bit here, but it is not the point of discussion in this article.

All of us in our lifetime not once but multiple times, get ideas which can change our world. However, we fail to execute and the reason why we fail to execute is because we ourselves ‘dilute’ the whole thing or just do not think that it’s indeed a great idea.

On of the things I have learned about ideas is that if you think a little bit more, there are some ideas, which just do not leave us that easily. They keep coming back to us. In my view, we human beings are designed with an inbuilt capacity to identify ‘great idea’. Here is a diagnosis recipe to identify a great idea:

1. The ‘great’ idea moves you in a small or big way. It inspires you to take an action
2. The ‘great’ idea stays there for a while..sometimes a week sometimes a few months
3. The ‘great’ idea touches others in the same way as you
4. The ‘great’ idea at times occurs to you as ‘day dreaming’

So, if you have an idea…watch it closely and discover it for yourself…

Does this idea inspire you?


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