Convert your Neighborhood into a Fiberhood

google Fiber
Fiberhood from google

Google is well known at throwing surprises by introducing innovative products and services. With launch on Google Fiber, it proved this again. With launch of Google Fiber, Google has formally entered into the homes of netizens (at least in the United States). Google Fiber is an internet service that offers 100 times faster internet than normal internet connection.

The only way one can get a 100 times faster internet is through fiber optic cables and it is a very expensive technology. And this is where the interesting part is. To reduce the cost, Google introduced the power of Group buying in a very innovative way. Here is how it works:

At the heart of Google Fiber is the concept of ‘Fiberhood’, a term derived from the word ‘Neighborhood’. Google gets a close group comprising of you and your neighbors to pre-register for their service. In simple terms, this means that you need to apply to Google Fiber and ask your neighbors to apply for it too. If the density of your neighborhood reaches a critical mass, you get a ‘Fiberhood’.  Google team will come to your area and install a ‘Fiberhood’  which is nothing but a Fiber optic base infrastructure for your area. It then distributes the internet connection to you and your neighbors through this base station. This works for everyone because the cost of installing the Fiber option infrastructure is shared. You can afford it..Google can afford it.

What Groupon did with group buying, Google is doing with selling high speed internet connections! The rise of internet will see more such innovative business models in the times to come.

So what are you waiting for, give a call to Google and convert your neighborhood into a ‘Fiberhood’ :)!


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