Web 3.0 – Introducing WebRTC

Web real time communication
web real time communication is available on google chrome

A few years back, Google launched it’s e-mail service and brought AJAX to main stream. AJAX combined the power of JavaScript and XML to bring asynchronous interactions to the web browser opening up the world of Web 2.0. With no browser refresh and re-directs, web applications started behaving like native desktop application, not 100% but at least they came closer. This is going to change forever…

Fast forward 2012. Introducing WEbRTCWeb Real Time Communication. WebRTC enables real-time audio, video and communication between browsers. The WebRTC allows peer-to-peer communication between two web browsers without requiring any third-party installation. Imagine launching your own chat application or sharing audio/video with your friends straight from your browser…no Skype, no third-party installation required…period!

What’s the  impact?

This technology will have a huge impact on the internet. Just the way peer-to-peer file sharing like Napster and later on Skype caused a transformation in the way we use internet…WebRTC will open up a whole new world of possibilities for the internet. There will be a new wave of innovation with young entrepreneurs creating innovative applications for video, audio and real-time communication.

Is it a Hype? or Reality?

It is closer to you than you think…check out the official website…WebRTC is already supported by Google Chrome browser. Recently, Microsoft officially announced the support for WebRTC. Here is a must read article on WebRTC .

Stat tuned…Web 3.0 is here and ready to transform your internet experience, one more time…powered by WebRTC.

Are you ready for the next wave?