About Author

I am Hrishikesh,  an entrepreneur and co-founder at Fourth Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from M S university, Baroda, India.  I possess over 10 years of  experience in business management, information technology and project management. After working briefly with a management consulting firm, I co-founded Fourth Media Technologies in 2001, where I continue to follow my passion….building innovative software for the web; empowering the new generation of software consumers on internet.

My Favorite Books

  • Getting Real – 37 Signals
  • Rework – 37 Signals
  • The monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma
  • Leadership Wisdom  – Robin Sharma
  • The New Age of Innovation – C K Prahlad & M S Krishnan
  • Straight from the Gut – Jack Welch

My Favorite companies

  • 37 Signals – Showed us how staying small and doing less can work wonders
  • Google – The greatest internet company, played a big role in transforming the web to its present state
  • Apple – A company which radically changed how software is consumed