Simplicity is the most difficult thing to accomplish

Recently, I read an interesting blog by Jason F. of 37 signals fame on simplicity. He wrote “the dirty little secret about simplicity is that it is most difficult to achieve”. I couldn’t agree more.

I still remember the time when we created about 30 odd variations of User Interface concepts for Ajeva. Each time, when the concept would be ready to be presented to the team, we would discover things which can be further improved or elements which can be eliminated. As we progressed, the process would be more of elimination than adding anything new. The more we thought about making the user interface usable, user friendly, the more we eliminated. We would organize and then re-organize and then again eliminate and then start over….

I do realize now, why many people come to me and appreciate Ajeva and its simplicity. What we finally got an outcome in Ajeva was a very simple and usable user interface which people would find friendly and easy to use.

Now I understand how ‘complex’ the process to attain ‘simplicity’ could be. A considerable amount of focussed thinking goes into making things simple.

Thanks Jason, for putting this up…it really made me look upon my work and appreciate every single interface that was rejected. Simplicity really is the most difficult thing to accomplish.

Whats your experience with simplicity? Do let me know your views, experience and insight.